Antique Buses

Antique Buses are a popular niche market in the motorcoach world. Oftentimes, if you find an antique bus, it is going to be in great condition. Like a Mickey Mantle Rookie card, there is more value in an antique bus for sale the better condition it is in. So if you are interested in expressing yourself in a grand way, antique busses are a great, though possibly expensive, way to do it.

Not only is there likely to be significant cost in finding and buying antique busses for sale, but there is also going to be potentially significant cost in maintenance. It is harder to find parts as well as skilled mechanics to handle anachronistic vehicles. So the older they are, the harder to fix! Of course, if you have the skill to do so, this may be a lucrative business opportunity for you. But if you are like most people, this kind of endeavor is a huge potential money pit. It is like buying a boat. Antique buses can eat money for breakfast and still be hungry before lunchtime, so be careful!

Antique Buses for Sale

Of course if you got the money and the interest, more power to you! Get yourself one of these beauties and show off to your friends and family. It is certainly a unique status symbol. Forget about new expensive high tech cars, you are going old school!

If you are a skilled mechanic, you may want to consider looking for broken down antique buses. If they are in poor condition, they should be pretty inexpensive. Properly rebuilt, repaired, and tuned up, you could see a huge return on your investment if you resell it. The next thing you know, you have the money to buy your own antique bus! Of course, you wouldn’t need to do that. But you get the idea.

Some relatively popular manufacturers of these old coaches are Bristol, GMC, Neoplan, Marmon, Bluebird, MCI, Ford, and Greyhound, to name a few. If you are looking for exceptional coaches (or coaches with exceptional potential), look for antiques manufactured by companies that no longer exist. They are like limited edition!

Antique bus conversions

Another somewhat popular (although arguably sinful) trend is antique bus conversions. These are exceptionally unique in their own right. But there are only so many antiques out there. It sort of kills the nature of the bus to convert it. It is not as if you can remake a Ford Model A if you convert one to a mini motorhome! Nevertheless, we here at autoclassifiedshopper don’t judge. We simply report. So.. go ahead if you must. We can not deny that antique bus conversions are truly unique.

Antique Buses Models

    Antique Bristol Buses
  • 1955 Lodekka ECW
  • 1978 VRT
  • 1980 VRT
    Antique Leyland Buses
  • 1965 Atlantean Double Decker
  • 1978 B20 Double Decker
    Antique General Motors Buses
  • 1939 Futurliner
  • 1956 TDH 3714
  • 1959 Transit
  • 1960 4517 Transit
  • 1962 4106
  • 1972 Fishbowl Transit
  • 1973 Fishbowl
    Antique Neoplan Buses
  • 1985 Neoplan Skyliner
1956 GMC 3714 Antique Bus
1958 GM 4104 antique bus
1960 GM 4517 Antique Bus
Antique Bus Dealers

Antique Bus dealers are hard to find. We have a couple suggestions for you. Become your own antique bus dealer and maybe you can make some good money.

Old Buses

Learn a little more about buying a vintage or old bus for sale. There are various styles of older bus that were manufactured and some that are easier to find these many years later than others. Older bus parts can be harder to find and here we make a few suggestions as to what you might do to help find yourself and old bus to restore and where you might find the parts to rebuilt your old bus.