1960 GM 4517 Antique Bus

This 1960 GM 4517 antique bus has a rebuilt 6V-71 Detroit Diesel engine, with an Allison automatic transmission. It is a 44 passenger bus, along with a spot for the driver. It is green and silver in coloring. This bus is a larger bus in size so it was probably used for larger tours, such as out of state touring and picking up and dropping off people to their destinations. It is of the New Look Fishbowl design.

GM 4517 Antique Bus Interior

The inside of this bus is a green and peach coloring. The seats are green plastic material, great if something gets spilled it can easily be wiped up. Also, for the safety of the passengers there are handle bars on each seat and polls in the rows. The flooring appears to be rubber of some sort, but does not look like it is slip proof. Each seat has a window that slides open, for good climate control.

1960 GM Transit Antique Bus Exterior

This bus has a great deal of lighting to the exterior so that other drivers can see them at night. The windows do not have any tinting to them. And the wheels appear to be dual rear wheels.